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Things of Internet is a paid weekly newsletter sent out by me, Chuck (Deepak Gopalakrishnan), every Saturday.

I write about and share interesting things I see across the web. Something a brand did, a kickass campaign, or an opinion on a major digital happening. I also share lots of interesting reads (marketing/branding/internet) and some fun stuff as well. Readers have often spent a good part of their Saturdays with it :)

Things of Internet currently has close to 850 subscribers, most of whom are from marketing, design, and branding - but also has many people who are just generally interested and curious. This is not meant to be a digital marketing newsletter per se. Think of it as "interesting stuff around the web". It'll be insightful / useful / fun. Hopefully all three! 

A few samples:


I try to keep this as affordable as possible!

₹400 per year

₹2500 for life


Deepak Gopalakrishnan

Hello! I'm a marketing / content freelancer, who's a general internet gadabout. I run a whole bunch of content projects including 3 podcasts, this newsletter, a couple of Telegram groups... And have had a lifelong fascination with the internet. Can often be found listening to metal or making bad jokes.

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