Digital marketing basics for non-profits: By Chuck & NGOWallah

A specialised mini-course for NGOs and non-profits

10-11 Sept, 2022 | Online + Recordings | ₹1253 pp (1000 + GST)

Welcome, and thank you for considering this. This is a short, action-oriented, practical set of sessions to help non-profits understand:

  • The basics of digital marketing and key platforms
  • How some successful non-profits have used digital marketing
  • Some principles and frameworks that can help them come out with pragmatic, realistic digital marketing strategies and ideas of their own.
  • Practical advice from someone who's taught and practiced digital marketing, and someone who's worked with several NGOs. No-faff, no-BS :)

This is a course tailored for NGOs and non-profits in India. So we're only picking platforms and examples that we feel will be relevant to those working in the sector. As such, it is not a "digital marketing for businesses" course that assumes there are unlimited marketing budgets. We've been very conscious of tailoring this for those with specific goals, with limited budgets.

What this consists of:

  • 6 hours' content - through live sessions on Zoom.
  • Video recordings of the sessions + key slides - for posterity.
  • Interactive session to ask questions, doubts and our opinions.
  • Lots of examples and case studies for you to peruse (and be inspired from) at leisure.
  • Links to resources should you want to deep-dive into any topic.

Please note: This is a short course meant to address a wide variety of NGOs and students. As such, we cannot answer questions or provide solutions that are very specific to one organisation. We are, however, happy to do custom consulting for you - write to us (emails below) for this.

If you're not ready to pay just yet (or have questions), you can sign up here with your details, and we'll get in touch with you.

Alternately, you can mail us:,

The sessions:

DAY 1: 10 Sept 2022 / 10 AM - 1 PM

Session 1: The very basics (30 minutes)

  • What digital marketing is
  • What it can do for you, and what it can't.
  • Advantages for businesses, and advantages for non-profits
  • Caveats and limitations

Session 2: Platforms relevant to you (60 minutes)

  • An introduction to platforms
  • Paid media
  • Social media
  • YouTube
  • Website
  • Whatsapp
  • Blogs / reports
  • SEO
  • Email and newsletters
  • Other platforms you might want to know about
  • The importance of objectives

Part 3: Select case studies from the world of marketing (60 minutes)

  • Video and non-video case studies - around 15 different examples of how brands (and others) used digital marketing in interesting ways to solve business challenges
  • Common takeaways and learnings, relevant to non-profits

DAY 2: 11 Sept 2022 / 10 AM - 1 PM

Session 4: Learnings from NGOs (60 minutes)

  • Things successful non-profits have done + takeaways
  • Video and non-video case studies - around 5 different examples of how non-profilts around the world have used marketing and the internet effectively
  • Common takeaways and learnings

Session 5: Words of advice for NGOs (30 minutes)

  • Final pieces of advice and broad takeaways specific to NGOs, including...
  • Building the right objectives and metrics
  • Amplifying activities you do
  • Brand building vs fundraising

Session 6: Open Q&A (45 minutes)

  • Here is where you can ask us any questions you like.
  • Priority given to pre-sent questions, and to those that will help maximum participants.

Your instructors

Ah yes, should mention that as well.

In short: One of us comes from a marketing & teaching background. Another has wide experience in various roles in the world of non-profits.

Together, we believe we're well-placed to run this!

Deepak Gopalakrishnan aka Chuck is a marketing and content freelancer with 15 years of experience. He used to lead digital planning at Ogilvy and Leo Burnett India, and today helps clients of all sizes develop their digital marketing strategies. His focus is on honest, jargon-free advise that focuses on business goals rather than transient trends.

Chuck has extensive experience teaching - he ran his own digital marketing course for working professionals during the pandemic where he taught 300 folks ranging from MBA students to entrepreneurs. He has taught the subject at leading Bschools like MICA, TAPMI and GIM, while conducting workshops at IIMA, IIMU, NMIMS, LIBA and more. He authors case studies of quality work done by Indian start-ups for The Hard Copy, a publication focused on Indian marketing and branding.

Chuck is an active content creator - running a few podcasts (Simblified, The Origin of Things, Getting Meta), and a digital-focused newsletter (Things of Internet) that has 1000+ paying subscribers with consistent open rates of 45%+. He has bylines in ESPNCricinfo, MTV, Red Bull India, Ultimate Guitar, Yahoo! India, Economic Times, Business Standard, and more. He draws inspiration for marketing from several sources. He enjoys heavy metal, cycling and has an irrational love for cold water.

Dharmaraj Solanki aka NGOWallah works with the India Welfare Trust, a private philanthropic foundation, as a Manager, leading the #EveryIndianVolunteering initiative. He works with a network of 200+ volunteering-based organizations - nonprofits, corporates, intermediaries, and groups and communities - across the country and enables millions of volunteering hours every year. He also supports newer initiatives and ideas such as eivolve, a first-of-its-kind incubator for volunteering startups, amongst others, all focused on engaging thousands of Indians in volunteering for a wide range of social and civic issues.

He has previously worked with organizations such as Teach for India, ConnectFor, and The Times of India (I Lead India). Prior to his current role, he was a Chief Minister's Fellow with the Govt. of Maharashtra, where he worked on policies and projects related to rural development, mental health, and entrepreneurship. In addition to working on program implementation, Dharmaraj was also responsible for managing social media accounts and public relations for these initiatives. He has also been a Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum. He has studied public policy and holds a degree in leadership education from the Indian School of Business, Mohali.

He writes an (almost) bi-weekly newsletter to share many ways in which people can give their time, skills, and resources to NGOs. He also works with nonprofits on building mobilization campaigns, has run multiple successful crowdfunding campaigns that have raised more than INR 15 lakhs, and was infamous (had gone viral too!) for carrying a placard on his bag during his everyday Mumbai local train commute to promote social causes. He enjoys running, puns, s̶u̶r̶v̶i̶v̶i̶n̶g̶ traveling in Mumbai local trains, ̶reading nonfiction, photography, sunsets at Marine Drive, and petting stray dogs.

Contact us

If you have a question about the course, please mail both of us:,


Deepak Gopalakrishnan & Dharmaraj Solanki

One of us is a marketing and content freelancer who has taught digital marketing several times. The other has a lot of experience with NGOs - working for them, consulting with them, aware of the problems they have. We've joined hands and our skills, to craft a course that is tailored for NGOs and non-profits. We believe it will be useful, informative, practical and hopefully, entertaining as well!


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